Holiday Parties of the Past

As we are now in holiday party season, it seems a good time to look back at previous holiday parties at N-YHS. Pictures in the N-YHS Archives show parties from the 1950’s and 1960’s that include dancing, plenty of drinking, and even smoking in the museum. Most of these pictures depict the staff inside what was the Port of New York Gallery on the first floor of the museum. The permanent exhibit was designed to appear to be the inside of a ship.

For more images of past N-YHS holiday parties, check out images on our Flickr account here. See box 24 on the list for the past party images.



  1. Tom Constable says

    In the photograph of the dancers, that’s my mother Judith Pless on the far right, slightly out of focus and overexposed. She was a volunteer in the mid ’50s with her best friend, Roberta Leighton. It’s funny to see a picture of a loved one that you never knew existed.

    Here they both are, mugging for the camera (Mom’s on the left):

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