“Some relicks of Genl. Washington”: The Misadventures of the Washington Papers
July 1, 2015

On December 18, 1836, Henry Van Der Lyn penned a letter to his nephew describing a visit to the Georgetown home of Col. George Corbin Washington, with a former student, Congressman Aaron Ward. As they prepared to leave, George Washington’s grand-nephew called them back to show them “some relicks” of his esteemed great uncle. In his…

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End of the World As We Know It
May 27, 2011

After much publicity and anticipation, a predicted rapture in which believers were supposed to ascend into heaven with the coming of Jesus did not materialize. Instead, the preacher and his followers insisted that they had miscalculated and that the real end of world would instead happen that October. Sound familiar? This predicted end of the…

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