The Ties that Bound: Corset Controversy in the Victorian Era
December 29, 2016

This post was written by Tammy Kiter, Manuscript Reference Librarian. During chillier seasons, one may feel constricted by layers of sweaters, coats, scarves and other accessories designed to keep us warm and comfortable. But imagine how our foremothers felt in their confining corsets, also known as “stays,” of yesteryear. Although corsets had been in use…

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Spring Fashion, circa 1890’s
May 14, 2014

“Fashion is unfolding, just like nature,” reads the caption for a recent On the Street column by famed New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham (whose work is currently on exhibit at N-YHS).  Now that spring has finally arrived, we decided to take a look at seasonal fashion in New York over a hundred years ago….

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